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Hello! I am Abbey Fitzgerald and I am a UX software engineer and web designer who loves the art of crafting code.

I enjoy creating helpful design and development tutorials.

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How to break up with a design you love

Breaking up with a design is never easy. UX designers know that it takes a lot of work, time and searching to find the perfect design and it’s not uncommon to get attached to a particular …

Formatting code and pre text

In a recent project, I came across a situation where there were varying lines of text that had to be displayed in the UI. This falls under something that I don’t work with a lot. Also, a couple of the …

My Italy Adventure

It was great to get away and take a lengthy vacation to Italy. When I say lengthy, it was close to two weeks! It was great to see a new country and visit some landmarks that I've been wanting to …

Why do I paint?

It's not quite over just yet, but as plein air painting season comes to an end, I'll be working on studio paintings during the next few months. It's been great getting out and practicing in the wild. …